Morphological Features


Arum pictum. Foto tomada.

Note the leaves...




From Digigalos,



According to Murato, it is possible to have "a plant with one (or two) foliage leaves and four (or five) infructescences together on one tuber (Fig. 10). This habit appears similar to that of Typhonium larsenii (Fig. 9). Typhonium larsenii was observed to have a 'diphyllous sympodial pattern' (Ray, 1987) of shoot growth and successively extended diphyllous shoots under favorable conditions."


Murata, Jin. "Diversity of Shoot Morphology in Typhonium (Araceae),"

American Journal of Botany , Vol. 77, No. 11 (Nov., 1990), pp. 1475-1481. Retrieved from, 2 November 2011.









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