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On this page I have inserted an image of a chart to the left and created a different way of navigating. Instead of including links for navigation at the bottom of the page I have put those links in a table that is set to the right of the page.


To insert an image, go to your Page Tools sidebar, click on "Images and files" then click on "Upload Files" and upload your image files. Once they are uploaded, put your cursor where you want the image to appear in your page, the click on the image's file name and it will be added to your page at that spot. Double-click on the image to get the Edit Image box where you can set the image margins and alignment.You may also be able to drag and drop images that you have saved to your desktop into this page.


To build a navigation table like the one seen here, click in the paragraph where the table should appear then choose Table: Insert Table from the menu. Make a Table that is one column by one row. The Table will fill up the width of the page. To resize it, align it, or change the color, click inside the table and then choose Table: Table Properties from the menu.



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aliceneal said

at 11:26 am on Nov 14, 2011

1) If you have collected data about your plant family that you would like to represent as a chart, enter the data into a spreadsheet, make the chart, then right click the chart and choose "Save as Picture" (the exact phrase differs depending on whcih spreadsheet program you use). You can then add the picture of the chart as you would any other image.
2) This page uses a different navigation design. Instead of the links being written across the bottom of the page, they are listed in a Table with a different background color.

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